A Beautiful Smile

The Lord always provides. While we are busy worrying about what will happen next, who will fill the gap, and so on God is already putting the right pieces into place. We got to witness this when a new volunteer, Nichol Duenes, joined us at our Fall Kick-Off Training in August. She wanted to serve and love on teen moms and didn’t know exactly how she could be used. One of our volunteers that had faithfully done decorations at club for the last few years had recently relinquished this part of her role and we had no idea what we were going to do without her. Our Club Coordinator mentioned this to Nichol and she said “this is absolutely my favorite thing to do!” Along with another volunteer, Nichol has blessed all of us so much by adorning the room with beautiful decorations month after month. Nichol got to witness how extra special this added touch makes the young mamas at club feel just this last week…

“After setting up for Club each month and volunteering with table decor and fresh flowers, I have the privilege of hanging out with all the moms and the volunteers.








Watching guarded hearts open up with relief knowing that each girl is welcomed into this loving environment; that’s something that I really enjoy observing. Just this last week at Club, we raffled fresh flowers as part of a giveaway and as one of the sweet moms was given her raffle gift, she was wearing the most beautiful smile as she said she has never been given flowers before. I knew, as soon as she said those words, that she was genuinely thankful for Young Lives. I was thankful too, to have been there to see this happen. And to remember why serving these girls, while glorifying Jesus and allowing Him to use me, can make a big impact by showing kind hearts.

Nichol Duenes


Nichol at the Fall Kick-Off Training back in August (second from the left)