Being welcomed back with open arms

Hi my name is Yaneliz I’m 19 and I have a beautiful 2 year old and her name is Harmony.

I got introduced to YoungLives when I was pregnant and have been involved ever since then. I went to camp, go to club, and started going to church when Myrna invited us. We weren’t sure because we had only gone to Catholic Church before. In the past we felt like people at church would look down on you and judge you because you have a child so young so we finally decided to go and it was amazing not only where you welcomed but I felt like family they love you and don’t judge you. Me and my boyfriend both graduated from High School and I am in college now.

So Sunday was our first time back at church for what seemed like an eternity and well we got there. And you just feel this sense of belonging not only because you know people there but because every one welcomes you back with open arms. Not only did it feel good to come back but I saw that my daughter was so happy and playing she was so excited to show me her painting I’ve never seen her that happy than Sunday morning at church.IMG_2679

Being a teen mom is hard but not impossible and YoungLives has really taught me a lot I’m so glad we have them in our lives and we couldn’t have asked for a better person like Myrna she’s like our second mom. I am looking forward to going back to church with my daughter and boyfriend next week!