Nothing can separate us from His love.

On Tuesday we had our second official Santa Ana club! It was so great to see both new and familiar faces. Over a year ago I started volunteering with Younglives at the Huntington Beach Clubs, and it quickly became evident that God was beginning a great work in Santa Ana as well. It has been so exciting to be a part of what He is up to here. We had a Valentines theme for this club, which was displayed in the beautiful centerpieces, the message, the crafts, and the yummy cupcakes and candies (I personally ate about 7 pieces).

After a delicious dinner of lasagna, the night was kicked off with a hysterical game/skit, followed by a great message. Mike Rigdon, who is planting a church in Santa Ana, shared a message of love that goes deeper than all of the Valentine’s candies and teddy bears. He told of the love that Jesus has for us. Even though we ALL have sin within us, Christ came and died on the cross and then rose three days later for YOU and ME. In this, He bore the weight of all of our sin and shame and conquered sin and death. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives inside of us. He did this out of abundant grace. How cool is that?! Although we all wrestle with sin, there is hope beyond this struggle. Jesus will lead us into His victory over sin each day as we surrender ourselves to Him. His love is far greater than anything we could fathom. WOAH.


Maria,Cristen,Laurie and Ellen at Club

After the message, the guys went out and played a soccer game while the girls decorated and personalized their own mugs and filled them with candy. We shared a lot of laughs, and I was very impressed with their decorating skills! It was so sweet to gather with all of the girls, their boyfriends, their babies, and the incredible volunteers as we celebrated a day dedicated to love. I am so thankful for God’s continual provision in Younglives. Tonight I was reminded that Jesus is for us. There’s nothing you or I can do for Him to stop loving us. This is the best Valentine’s gift I could possibly imagine. Thank you Jesus.


Karime decorating her mug at Club!

-Ellen Bosch

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