They will know we are Christians by our love.

I value mentorship.
The investment into another person’s life can empower them to believe in themselves, in their dream of achieving something great or in their own worth to value themselves.
To answer that question most women struggle with, “am I worth it?” can be so pivotal in a young lady’s life. If I can motivate someone to feel valuable because they realize exactly what Jesus did for us, then I am motivated to continue on in the adventure of mentorship.
But, ya know, this doesn’t happen right away. No young girl will be blind to a fake love of “atta girls” and “you can do its”.  This takes time. Investment takes time. True mentoring relationship takes time; sacrificial time. YoungLives_January-37
  I have recently committed to serving along Young Lives by attending club and meeting young moms at school, helping with homework and exchanging stories.  Some of these stories would seem shocking at first, but while listening, I hear a whisper, “just listen and love. Listen and love.” No judgment. No problem solving. No  “Lemme tell you about Jesus now.” I trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit and this relationship I am building with my mentee is not a slice of a ministry pie, that only takes up so much time. It is a friendship; and it might be the pie filling, it might take up more time than scheduled on my ICalendar.  It might be late night texts, or unexpected rides, or extended meals, or invitations to each other’s home. “They will know we are Christians by our love.”
    How will they be open to the amazing news of Christ if He is not first exemplified in your life and in that relationship?  How will they relearn true love, because it was never properly showed to them in their household upbringing, if they don’t first see your loving actions? How will anyone be motivated to bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit if they are not tasting yours? They will see Christ, by your love. They will know Christ, by your love.
They will want Christ, by your love. Be not mistaken, this doesn’t all ride on you. Our Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of our precious little sisters while we pray for Him to do so. He is ultimately the One that reveals Himself, but He can be so seen in our lives.
Take the time to listen, prayerfully seeking the Holy Spirit’s guiding while spending selfless time with these young ladies.
   Commit to the process, and in His timing be bold to tell the good news of peace in Jesus through the salvation He offers by His death on the cross and resurrection to new life.   And be excited for what God will do through you, the humble little servant whom faithfully shows up to pour out and really love. I mean really love!
  • Becca Turose