Our First Santa Ana Club!

A little update on how our first Santa Ana club went last night! We had about 10 teens show up, girls and guys. It started out just a couple people and more and more came throughout the night. It’s so cool to see how the body of Christ comes through whether it was praying for us or showing up to volunteer last minute or coming for the first time ever to serve. I was blown away by the volunteers and their willingness to be thrown in wherever they were needed!  We had good food, a great band play for us, a super fun game of group rock-paper-scissors!IMG_1009 I had the privilege of sharing my story for the first time at YoungLives, and that was awesome! Towards the end the girls got to do a fun craft and make really nice blankets, and the guys played ping pong and cards! Over all everyone had a great time and said they can’t wait for next month! Please keep Santa Ana in your prayers as we continue the Lords work there.Thank you all for partnering in prayer and for supporting YoungLives Santa Ana! IMG_0993
-Kylie Bradley