How God is moving in Santa Ana High schools!


So I wanted to fill you in about what has been happening in the last few weeks. Myrna and I have gotten the opportunity to visit several schools in Santa Ana through their FCA clubs. We have gotten to share our testimonies, some pizza, and tell the them about YoungLives. It has been absolutely incredible to see how God has used these times to impact the lives of the high school students that we have encountered. We have witnessed over 40 students make a decision to follow Christ over the last few weeks! That alone is mind-blowing!!IMG_9516

To see the light in these kids eyes as they walk through the doors, grab their pizza and sit down, its like all the stress, drama and craziness of High School goes away for that short time. They are highly excited (maybe because of the loud Jesus rap music & free pizza) or maybe because they know these people that come to their school every week actually love and care about them, they feed them, talk to them about their lives, and pray for them. I can’t even imagine what else God is up to in these schools.

It has been a huge privilege to be able to be apart of something so big and that is impacting so many. Please continue to pray for these kids as well as us as we continue doing this weekly at different schools.IMG_9515