Nichol’s story

When I first heard about YoungLives, the young mothers and their babies and having the opportunity to be a part of serving them, I knew I needed to be a part of this wonderful ministry. I knew that God can use me here because I can relate to the struggles and battles of being a pregnant teen mother at age 19, and realizing the reality of life completely changing in an instant and trying to figure out how to take care of another tiny human.YL_OCT-34Through this how God has transformed my life into a loving marriage to my high school sweetheart and three children that we raise together and go through life together, but only by God’s grace, is all of this possible. It is so important to have guidance and direction as a young mom because it really does influence you in a big way and teach you how to go through life each day that is set before you. I’m really looking forward to seeing hearts fill with love from Jesus and letting these young ladies know how much they are worth in Our Father’s eyes and how raising a child is a very important role in life

-Nichol Duenes


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