Cheridan’s story

Cheridan Bowling

Cheridan bowling!

My name is Cheridan Coffin. I’m a mother to an amazing 7 month old, little boy named John William. I first got involved with YoungLives through my friend Amber. I was pregnant and she told me about this amazing group for moms who meet up once a month. This began my journey towards finding God. My first night meeting everyone was a bowling night. I was about 5 months pregnant trying to bowl and meet everyone. I remember being so nervous, but when Myrna picked me up she helped me feel better.

In July I went to camp, in Arizona, with YoungLives. There was one night there that impacted me the most. It was our last night at camp. The speaker told us to go outside and pick a spot to ourselves away from everyone else. He told us to be silent on the way out and to just go and pick a spot. We were suppose to sit and it was like alone time with God. Some people went and were silent the whole time and others went out there and cried. I went out there and apologized to God for everything I’ve done and for everything I didn’t do. That night I had decided to give my life to Him. We all went back to our groups and cried.

Cheridan and John at camp!

Cheridan and John at camp!


Cheridan’s baptism Oct. ’15

About two weeks ago we had church service at the beach. I had no extra clothes and didn’t plan for anything, but something was calling me out to the water to get baptized. I walked out there with the same girl who introduced me to YoungLives and we got baptized together. Things have been hard for me lately and I have felt so alone, but i decided to let go and let God take control. I knew at that moment that I needed his help to guide me through the tough times and that eventually everything will get better. Before I was involved in YoungLives I felt alone and thought I could do everything on my own. Through this amazing group I have gotten the help and support I need. I have an amazing mentor who is always there when I have questions and need help. This group is full of amazing moms who have incredible stories and i’m glad to have had a chance to get to know everyone.


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