The First Annual YoungLives Banquet

Our family has been volunteering with YoungLives for two years. We had the opportunity to attend the first annual fund-raising banquet last weekend. I invited my parents to attend with us to hear more about this ministry that we are so passionate about. Here’s what my mom had to say about it.21192750884_afdbd55262_o

“We knew of the integrity and productive ministry of the parent organization, Young Life, but were not familiar with this arm of the ministry. We only knew it was an outreach to single teen moms.  We went to the banquet anticipating hearing and expenses, budgets, and needs for funds. We did not expect that our hearts would be strongly impacted and touched by what we saw and heard at the dinner.
Instead of facts and figures, we heard the testimonies of many young girls and the changes  brought about in their lives as a result of their involvement with Young Lives. We were moved and excited as they shared stories of their transformation from gang life, drugs, and going-nowhere lives to graduating from   high school, going on to college or trade school, getting jobs, and centering their lives around becoming good moms to their babies. They shared stories of hope of becoming people who live with purpose.
The changes came about through the love and sacrifice of Young Lives Staff and volunteers. These people shared the good News of Jesus with the moms, mentored and tutored them, and provided wholesome, fun activities for them. These moms were invited to attend a local church where they and their babies have been surrounded with a community of supportive believers.  Most of all the volunteers at Young Lives are loving them and believing in them.  They now have hope for a better future for themselves and their children.

We are firm believers that the only hope for changing our Nation into a once-again great nation under God is through changing the culture. At the Young Lives Banquet, witnessing these real-life transformations of the young men and women, showed us that Young Lives is doing just that, one person at a time.  We are proud and privileged to have the opportunity of partnering with YoungLives North Orange County.”


Laurie Bradley and Jan Ebel

To see pictures from the banquet click here:

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