Crystal’s story

Hi my name is Crystal and I got involved in YoungLives in such a weird and good way. At the time I had recently been released from the mental hospital. While I was in there I decided that I needed help and support. So I went to a program at my school and spoke to a lady named Laura who gave me a flyer about YoungLives. After I heard about it from her I went home and called Myrna and she told me they had club that day but I couldn’t go because I had to study.

Around this time I wasn’t really doing a lot. I was in school and trying to take one step at a time to get my life back together. YoungLives means a lot to me because Myrna and everybody else there helped me on my rocky road. Myrna still does support me and I see her like a big sister. It is really awesome that people like her are helping out a lot of us teen parents. YoungLives give you that support and trust you need and they helped me get close to God, which is the most awesome part of the whole experience! A few months before I gradated from high school I got a job at Chipotle and it felt really good because it was my first job. I started college this year and have been managing my classes, work, and taking care of my daughter. My boyfriend Sergio helps a lot by watching her and supporting me as well. Managing both work and school is very hard but it is possible!Crystal Graduation

This last Saturday I got to be a part of an event called Love Santa Ana where different churches gather together to help out the community. It was my second time participating in one of these events. Some people go out and paint houses, pick up trash and do other things to better the neighborhood. This time I went to share about YoungLives and tell new girls and families about the upcoming YoungLives event that is happening in Santa Ana in December. LoveSantaAnaTableWe talked to the families and the kids played the beanbag toss game we had set up. After they played the game we let them pick out a tattoo and they really loved that! It was a great day and we got to promote YoungLives. We will be starting a new club in Santa Ana and we want to make this club fantastic for the girls. It is super exciting to me personally because I was there once and I know how it feels. Now I want to help because I know how much it will change these mom’s lives!


lKids playingCuteGirlTattoo

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