Our first club of the year!

Last night we had our first club gathering of the year in Huntington Beach. One word to describe the night for me would be crazy, but a very very good kind of crazy.

The kind where during the skit I was thinking “What is going to happen next?!” unnamed-1

Along with dancing to a rock n roll “ish”version of “Watch me whip” was right there with the craziness. But who doesn’t love a little good-kind of craziness? It’s good for the soul! Lots of laughter, yummy dinner, a great message from Myrna, and lots of toddlers running around giggling – An overall amazing evening!

We were especially encouraged to welcome 4 girls who came to club for the very first time! Along with about 30 new volunteers! God provided overly and exceedingly more than we expected when we asked for more volunteers. We are so thankful for those of you who give up you’re time to be a part of this beautiful ministry and a huge part of our girls and their families lives.


For me getting to see the smiles on these girls faces all night long and hear the stories of their experience at club and how it is in their words “life changing” makes my job even more worth it to me. My hope and prayer is that every person who walks through those doors every third Thursday feels so welcomed and is able to feel and see the love of Christ demonstrated throughout the night.

  • Kylie Bradley

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