Fall Kick-Off Training!

The YoungLives Fall Kick-Off was a great day.

Let me be honest and say that I was not exactly looking forward to going, because it was on a beautiful end of summer Saturday and I really wanted to be outside playing. So, I was hoping it would be worth it. And it was! There was a lot of excitement. A lot of new faces. People who have never been involved with Young Lives were there because God had tugged on their hearts and they obeyed. To me, this is always a sweet thing to witness. I have learned from experience that in volunteering and pouring out on others, if I’m not being filled up by the Lord then I will both burn out  and be of no good service to anyone.11954716_523755487774363_4025356842078723316_n This day definitely filled each of us up. We started off with a devotional from Laurie Bradley who took us right to Jesus’ heart and example on service. She shared the washing of the disciples feet story. Seriously, how can one hear this story and not start to get a shift in their heart. The shift from all about me, to let’s look out for others. Let’s follow His example.

We then got to hear from some seasoned volunteers from outside of our area Newport, Pasadena, and Las Vegas. They shared the history of YL and their experiences. They shared their passion, and It was contagious. I need that sometimes. A spark from someone else.

 11899799_523755534441025_7367403024777584643_nThen I sat in Becky Tirabassi’s session!! Talk about a spark!  Her story is a beautiful story of Grace and redemption! She shared how God reached down to get her attention and draw her in when He was the farthest thing from her mind and from her life choices. A great reminder that on any given day, God can renew and revive a life. And in YL, we often get a front row seat to watching it happen. Becky also reminded us of the importance of being disciplined and intentional about our prayer time and reading God’s Word. We really can’t do it in our own strength.
More filling came with tacos!! Haha. It’s good to be both physically and spiritually fed. It’s good to fellowship and laugh. It’s good to learn from others and be reminded of the important things. It was good to go to the Fall kickoff!  I’ll end by sharing a verse that I wrote from Psalm 44 this morning. (Cause I listened to Becky and got my journal out during my morning reading.)
Psalm 44:3 “it was not their own strength that gave them victory. It was by Your mighty power that they succeeded; it was because You favored them and smiled on them”.11954703_523756041107641_4205731667709778627_n
Yes Lord! Smile on us this next season and fill us with Your strength to go out to love and serve like Your beautiful Son did for us.
– Lisa “Chick” Bryan

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