A Week I’ll Never Forget

So I don’t really know where to start or how to start telling you about my experience going to YoungLives Lost Canyon camp. But here goes nothing…

It started two years ago. Myrna would constantly ask me, “Are you going to camp this year?”. I would say, “Yeah definitely. I’ll be there.” But every time something would happen, honestly. Jesse would get sick cause he has asthma and it’s easier for them to attract bacteria. So that happened the first time. The second time I was pregnant and I was so not up to being on a bus for a long time surrounded by a lot of people. But that was the second time. And finally the third time around came. Myrna’s asking me, “Amber are you going to go to camp this year?” And I said, “Yes!” But honestly in my head I was thinking ‘I don’t know’.

I filled out the packet, helped out at the Pancake Breakfast and next thing you know, I’m packed and ready to go to camp. But I was still thinking ‘I don’t know if I really wanna go still’. And then the next day my alarm is going off at 5:30am and it’s time to get up and go to camp. The feeling of waking up and knowing you’re leaving home for a week to go to Arizona for camp is a little scary at first and exciting too. But once I got to the bus and started loading up, everything kinda fell into place and I know that was where I was supposed to be. And we were off to camp!

The ride there wasn’t half bad. And once we got there, it was just so amazing and beautiful. The people there were just welcoming! They had warm filled arms and love ready to spread to me and my babies.


The things that go on at camp are things I will never be able to forget. The things I will never be able to forget and things that will sit in my heart for eternity are:

-The lovely ladies that took wonderful care of my loves (boys). They loved my children and took great care of them. If I had a question about how things went or if things were missing or anything I needed, they had an answer and if they didn’t know, they would find out. My sons were in different rooms for childcare because of their ages. But I just want to tell you about Rafa’s green room ladies. They loved Rafa so much! Every time I’d drop him off they would fight over who gets to care for him that day. They also made a theme song for him. It is the song “Happy” but some words were switched up and they put his name in it. It broke my heart to leave those lovely ladies. I will miss them and their love for Rafa.

-Our first night at camp we had club and during club they had a game to start it off and I was chosen for the game. I was like “Seriously?? No. No. No!” But I went up and did the game and I almost won! I was one of the two last girls standing. It was so fun. It was cool. I won’t forget that night.

There were also moments when I cried. I became closer to God and the leaders and the other girls. I am so glad I became closer to Karime, Georgina, Adii and Kimberly – girls I never even thought of talking to. I can truly tell you now I have love for these girls. And Cheridan and I have become closer and built a stronger bond.

I can’t forget about the leaders:

-I want to start off with Myrna –  I just want to thank you for pushing me to go to camp and constantly asking me to go. I want to thank you because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to experience the wonders and amazing feelings I got to feel at camp. Thank you!

-Next is Bri! Bri – you have just been the most amazing leader ever listening to me rant on a bunch of different things and giving me your advice and confidence and opinion on the topics we talked about.

-Kylie – I am so happy you went to camp! I’m glad I got to know you and you got to know me on a deeper level and not be judged. Thank you!

-Kim and Jim – Thank you for taking time out of your week to video and photograph all of the beautiful moments at camp. And thank you for becoming the grandparents to our children. It’s the best thing in the world to know there are more than just yourself that care for our children.

All I have to say now is that the last couple of nights at camp were the best nights. These were the nights I’ll remember and the nights where everything changed in my heart. Thank you everyone for making it possible for me and my boys to go to camp this year.

I love you guys and I this is motivating for those of you who haven’t gone to camp yet. You will never regret going to camp.

Signing off Amber Robinson, Jesse, and Raphiel


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