YoungLives Prom 2015


Julie, Jonathan, Miguel & Wendy

Last week we wrapped up our club gatherings for the school year with our annual YoungLives Prom! And what a night!! We enjoyed a photo booth with silly props, ate a delicious dinner made with love, heard encouraging words from Myrna and Tamara, crowned the Prom Kings and Queens and danced the night away! Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who made this night possible. It was such a joy to watch everyone celebrating together.


Sergio & Crystal

As you hopefully saw in last week’s post, we had a LOT of graduates to celebrate this year! Each of the graduating girls received a tiara, a “Prom Queen” sash and a certificate of recognition. Each of the graduating guys received a crown, a “Prom King” sash and a certificate of recognition. As each of the graduates quickly shared, they were full of thankfulness for YoungLives and our amazing volunteers who have walked with them, encouraged them and believed in them. It was a joy and an honor to celebrate alongside them.

Myrna shared from Luke 15 about The Prodigal Son – how one son asked to receive his inheritance early and then left the family. After squandering his money and losing everything, he shamefully made his way back home. But to his great surprise, instead of his father punishing him, as he walked up the road to his home, his father ran to him and lovingly welcomed him home with open arms. What a beautiful picture this is for us of Christ’s love for us. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done, God loves us unconditionally and welcomes us with His arms open wide! What a freeing and grace filled message to bless our graduates with!

The night wrapped up with a dessert bar where we made our own donut holes and the dancing began! Mentors, volunteers, girls and guys dancing, laughing, celebrating. I’m sure the laughter and joy could be heard down the street. And I’m sure it was exactly the kind of celebration that brought joy to our Father’s heart!


Myrna & Yousef

P.S. If you want to see more the pictures from the night, click HERE.

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