Baptisms, Brunch, and Babies

Easter at the Vick house was crowded, colorful and noisy! Little ones squealed with delight as they dashed about looking for eggs. They were even more ex cited when they discovered there was candy inside! When the kids weren’t searching for eggs, they were chasing bubbles or waiting for their turn to ride the pedal boat.

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The Easter brunch was fun but the most exciting and memorable event of the day was Karime’s baptism. Watching her take that step of faith reminded us all that the gift of salvation is real and should indeed be celebrated!


We were so thankful to celebrate Easter with our YoungLives friends. The joyful chaos is quite a change from a few months ago. In September, our youngest son headed off to college and we were officially “empty-nesters.” The house was eerily quiet and we found ourselves wondering what to do in this new phase of our lives. It seemed only natural that we return to Young Life. Jonathan and I met at a Young Life camp more than twenty years ago and served as leaders or committee members over the years. Since we were new to the Huntington Beach area, we went to the Young Life fundraiser to explore how to get involved. That is where we met Myrna and learned about YoungLives.

YoungLives is the perfect fit for us. It gives us an opportunity to serve as a couple, work with amazing teens and snuggle with cute babies (a perk that I really appreciate since there are no grandbabies in my immediate future) We look forward to many more exciting and noisy adventures with Young Lives. Our nest doesn’t seem quite so imageempty any more!

-Julie Vick

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